Wednesday, April 17, 2013

More PixieDust nail art (review)

I got my summer Zoya PixieDusts to review!!! I am so excited!
These are about the same as the last review with just a few exceptions.
Application was the same except MOST of these were 1 coat coverage. JUST one coat!!! I did 2 anyway because just one coat of polish feels wierd to me. The only one that NEEDED 2 coats was Stevie. (the purple) Liberty looked better with a second coat, also, but it wasn't a necessity. I only did quick swatches because EVERYONE does swatches. Removal was the same. As with the others, the PixieDusts are $9 but they are so much more than worth it. I love them so much.
The colors are pretty awesome.
Solange is a beautiful golden shade.
Beatrix is a vivid orange
Destiny is a coral-ly red
Miranda is a pinkish red
Stevie is a lovely shade of lilac with SILVER sparkles
Liberty is such a bright brilliant blue
Liberty is my favorite followed by Stevie and Miranda.
Enough with the talk, on to the pictures!!!!
Miranda, Destiny, Beatrix, Solange

 Liberty...OMG, This is my favorite! my absolute favorite!!!

Aaaaaaaaaand a little nail art.
This is Destiny, Beatrix, and Solange sponged

 This is Miranda, Stevie, and Liberty.

I was a little disappointed that there were 2 "reds" included when I kinda wanted a limish green. Vespa was included in the Winter release, but I want something a little yellower, not so pastel. maybe next set, Zoya? ;)
run on over to and make your order for all the pixiedusts NOW!!!!
I recieved thes polishes for my honest review.