Saturday, May 30, 2015

Zoya Paradise Sun

First off, these polishes were sent to me for my honest opinion.

This is the Zoya Summer Paradise Sun collection.
It consists of:
Genesis described as a crystalline white with a micronized metallic pearl finish - designed to look like micro-fine diamond dust! (my take: it's an odd bird, but an awesome one. The sparkles seem embedded, not on top.)
Selene described as a true teal with a micronized metallic pearl finish. A unique shade with an aqua fleck that resembles deeper layers of ocean water. (my take: This is an AMAZING green. I don't really see the teal, and yes, the sparkles run deep with this one.)
Oceane described as a true turquoise with a micronized metallic pearl finish that reflects the clearest blue ocean waters! (my take: it is a very beautiful more of a cobalt in person to me.)
Isa described as a deep blue-based purple with a micronized metallic pearl finish and an aqua flash that embodies the beauty of exotic island flowers! (my take: exactly as described, a deep purple with a blue flash)
Mae described as a warm magenta pink with a micronized metallic pearl finish, reminiscent of vibrant Mediterranean flowers (my take: a beautiful magenta with just the right amount of blue flash)
Aphrodite described as a vibrant summer red with a micronized pearl metallic finish and multi-hued flash that brings it to life. Think of fresh and juicy tropical fruit! (my take: more of a poppy orange.)

OK, THAT was a lot of words. A LOT... but you know what?
This collection is AMAZING!!! The colors are awesome, the sparkle is amazing, these were 1 heavy coaters/2 thin coaters. so sparkly, so beautiful.

My favorite is Selene BY FAR. I can see myself needing a back up bottle of this one. Followed by Ocean, then Isa.

The picture of Isa is blurry both to show the sparkle, and because when it would actually focus on it, the color was off. THIS is as close to true color as I can possibly get it.

They all have a sparkle like you wouldn't BELIEVE. My favorite polish for YEARS from Zoya by far is Sarah. a beautiful red sparkle. THESE have that same sparkle, and can see them being a part of my regular rotation.

These are available on for $9 a piece.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Zoya Island Fun

Ok, first off, these were sent to me for my honest opinion.

Island fun is the crèmes of the collection.
The collection consists of:
Jace described as a muted lime
Cecilia described as a classic teal
Talia described as a true turquoise
Serenity described as a summer purple
Nana described as a deep summer fuchsia
Demetria describes as a vibrant poppy red

I found these to all be ALMOST one coaters.
If you did a careful, thick coat, it was a one coater.
I'd prefer to do 2 thinish coats for a better, more consistent wear.
My favorite BY FAR out of the entire collection was Serenity.
I have searched for a nice "one coater" like this FOREVER. It is a dark dusty lilac. I am in love with this color.
Nana is a very bright beautiful fuchsia. To be honest I am looking forward to having time to play with Serenity and Nana.
Ok, being COMPLETELY honest, all of these colors are so vibrant that I am looking forward to playing with all of them.
My LEAST favorite (but still a great color) is Demetria only because the color doesn't mesh well with my skin tone. It would be neat for accents in some nail art, though.

On to the quick swatches:

These are available on for $9.
Keep watching for my nail art with them.
Next week, I will have Paradise Sun!!!