Saturday, March 21, 2015

Zoya Satins!!!

So here are the Zoya Satins.
These were sent to me for my honest opinion.

The Zoya Natural Satins are:
Leah described as a lavender tinged taupe cream.
Rowan described as a suede taupe cream.
Sage described as a mossy sage green cream.
Tove described as a misty slate grey cream.
Brittany described as a rose mauve cream.
Ana described as a light toasted almond cream.

I wanted so bad to love these. I love the idea of them. I like them a lot. But as you can see on the second picture, I just felt like I needed topcoat, but I refused to topcoat as THAT IS NOT THE POINT!!!
To be honest, they all seem WAY too muted.
The colors in person are not as vibrant as they are in pictures. Still pretty, but just muted.
They all went on like a dream, were smooth when I swatched them, beautiful colors. Although they did show every little imperfection in your nail bed. They are not too good for nail art, unfortunately. One thing I did LOVE about them is the finished texture. It's not matte, it wasn't anywhere near shiny. just...Satin is a perfect description.
On to the pictures:

 These came out in January. They are available right now on for $9.

You're not supposed to put a basecoat, but I would NOT use without a ridge filler of some kind. and I would definitely not put a topcoat on over if wearing by themselves.

All in all I like them. Just wouldn't use them for nail art again.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

blue sparkly watercolor

ok, so these didn't turn out how I wanted.

and the heart is covering up a nasty hangnail.

Yeah, my cuticles need some major nourishing...Stupid dishes.

This is Zoya Trixie, Song, and Ibiza.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

blue gradient

I asked the husband for inspiration...

He said Blue and Silver.

This is Trixie, Song, and Ibiza.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Oldie but goody

Ok, so this is Catrice Beam me up Scotty with OPI Simmer and Shimmer over the top for an accent.

I haven't even thought of this polish in YEARS. I got most of my polish put up on my rack and finding all of these polishes I forgot existed. Hopefully I'll be featuring more old polishes.