Sunday, January 25, 2015

Potion Dust Valentines Soap Box

So I have got into indie soaps. I love them. They have done incredible things for my skin, and the moisture of my skin. I have become addicted to soap boxes. They provide a sampler of all the new scents and multiple products. Which is awesome because I'm picky about products/scents. :)Being able to try random things makes me happy. :D

This one is from Potion Dust. (click the  name to go to her etsy shop.) It's her first box, and she kinda hit it out of the park with this one.

So here is the loot.

Awesome, huh? Lets get a closer look.

Oh yeah...Lets go through things line by lovely line.

Call Me Baby Shampoo bar. I found a love for shampoo bars. They are tricky to get the hang of at first, but so wonderful. My hair feels clean and moisturized and after using them I rarely need to use conditioner. It's kind of awesome. This smells soft yet so clean.  I have not had a chance to try this yet. I have high expectations, though. Dry it feels silky, and oily (which is a good thing) **EDIT**Ok, so the shampoo bar was JUST as I imagined, it is amazing. It lathers well. I do believe I will be ordering a full size bar. :)

Under a Spell Magic Mist. Basically it's just a body mist in Lovespell (From victorias secret) This scent has always overwhelmed me. It's kinda strong. It's not caustic or anything, but it's just not for me.

I Lime You Lip Balm. Ok, just what you would think. It is Lime flavored lip balm. I LOVE THIS STUFF!!!! I am not a huge fan of the lime, but it is awesome enough that I will continue to use this (I've always joked that I am such a "fat girl" that even my lip balm is cake flavored, (chapstick cake batter)) I think I will use this before my cake batter.

Lipstick Hand Sanitizer. It's nice. I used to have an addiction to hand sanitizer. I had to scale it back. This stuff is nice. It smells like cereal. (I LOVE cereal.)

First Date Lotion. Ok, this stuff is amazing. It's silky, it's soft. It smells like sugary powder. Somewhat like cotton candy.

Lips Taste Like Soap. Just typing that made me laugh. This smells like Cherry Jolly Ranchers. Again because everything is natural, this feels so nice.

My Chocolate Whipped Soap. It smells like salted chocolate. Feels even better.

Gimme Candy Bath Cream Scoop. This smells like tart sugar candy Sweettarts, Spree, Smarties. **EDIT**so I got to use this tonight. I only used half of it, and yeah, it's super moisturizing and felt lovely.

Oh, also, in the box was this tiny little packet that said squeeze here. So I squeezed it, the bag inflated then a minute or so later that adorable little balloon popped out. It scared both me and my cat. But it was all kinds of awesome. :D

She also put a code in for $10 off $20. :D That means I'll order more!!!
So looking forward to other boxes from here and others!!! :D