Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Zoya Naturel

Ok, I couple of things.

Sorry I've been away, lots of stuffs have been going on in my life and had very little internet access, and my computer has been in storage ...BUT... I HAVE IT BACK NOW!!!!! YAY!!! I can blog again!!! Oh, how I've missed it!

So you would think that would give me ample amount of time to swatch and do many different nail arty things, but alas, I haven't really had time for that, either.

I've been neglecting my nails (and cuticles), and it makes me sad that they are not as long as they used to be, but that can be a good thing, too.

 That does not mean that I have not been taking pictures of the things I have been doing, I have. But the pictures are kinda poor quality as I misplaced my camera during the move.

Everything is found, and everything is now in place where hopefully I can get better pics and stuffs, Again, YAY!!!

OK, now what you came for.
This is the Zoya Naturel collection.
I was torn about this, and ALMOST didn't get it.
I am not AT ALL into nudes or neutral colors. I need color I love color, I crave color.

Let me say,

These colors are kind of amazing!!!
As always, very smooth formula, long wear time, flawless application.
Gotta love Zoya for their cremes...(and glitters, and shimmers, and everything else!!!)
My favorites were Normanni, Odette, Bridgette, and Rue.
Taylor and Chantal were too yellow for my skin tone and made my hands look mannequinny.

 Normanni, Odette, Bridgette, Rue


 you know me, I have to do art with them.

These are available at Zoya.com Naturel Collection for $9

These were sent to me for my honest opinion