Monday, December 19, 2011

tee hee!!! Secret Santa!!!

I had a brilliant secret santa!!! Sarah Eubanks @ Samariums Swatches was my Secret Santa!!!

She is awesome, first an overall look!!!
Whats this, are these RICE KRISPIE TREATS?!?!? WHY YES, yes they are!!!
Lookit this awesome little ornament or stand alone. 
mmmmmmm, the polishes, lets take a look. Snow Globe, Pure Ice Super Star, ChG minis Twinkle Lights and Ring in the Red, and (OMG!!!) KLEANCOLOR METALLIC GREEN AND RED!!!!
I am OVERLY super duper excited about the Klean Colors!!! 
TEE HEE, I dropped some pretty heavy hints about that baked pallette! I will be using it tomorrow! A UD sample, Mint Chocolate lotion and lipgloss (yum!) and FRAGRANCE SAMPLES!!! I LOVE FRAGRANCE SAMPLES!!!
(am I using too many caps locks?!?!? Good, I AM EXCITED!!!) 

Ornaments and MORE CANDY!!!! She painted that plaster stocking with nail polish, it's so sparkly! I loves it! Tee hee, and Santa on a Motorcycle! She knows I ride (well, I don't technically ride my own, I am a passenger.) This is just too cute!!!

Thank you soooooooooooo very much, Sarah!!!
I love EVERY BIT of it!

BTW, 6 more days...


  1. Awesome stuff!

    I nominated you for the Top 10 Award!

  2. Metallic Red is the awesome. I have it on with Essie SOTT right now. <3