Thursday, April 12, 2012


Tuesday I did Zoya Beach. Today it's time for the Surf!!!

In my opinion this is the best Zoya collection I have seen, ever. These being metallic the formula was a little different, but completely workable. These were 2 fairly thin coats. These COULD have been 1 careful coat.

With that said lets get to the pics.

 I'm a dark, Vampy girl. Carly stole my heart immediately. I can see this getting used, A LOT! She looks familiar, but she is JUST different enough to need the others. I will do comparisons of all the kinda somewhat close ones that I have of this collection VERY soon. If you have any you want me to do, leave me a comment.
 Kimber. A Raspberry sparkle.
 Rory. I'm sorry, but I am going to have to call this a he. The color is very nice, but I can only think of Rory Williams. I can see myself wearing this color a lot. I'm not a pink girl, but this is a very nice color.
 Myrta. This one is an odd duck. She's a little too orange to be red, but too red to be orange. She's right in the middle.
 Meg. I've become more and more enamoured with green. Meg is beautiful.
Zuza. Much like her beach counterpart, she could have used a 3rd coat for picture purposes, but these streaks were not visible IRL.

I really, REALLY loved this collection. I am looking forward to the random nail art  i can create with these.
Thanks for reading!

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