Sunday, February 1, 2015

Musically speaking...

So I had a cold a few weeks ago, and got on facebook and agreed to host a Jamberry party in a cold medicine induced haze.
The first time I put them on,
I didn't read directions,
I just slapped them on.
They fell off.

Second time, I read directions
I heated them,
Applied them exactly how the instructions said,
They fell off.

This is actually the third application.
I watched videos, I read blogs, I really, REALLY wanted these to work.

Jamberrys big draw is 2 weeks, FOURTEEN DAYS of wear.)
The most I got was 4 days.

What I figured is the fact I handwash my dishes and shower daily in scalding hot water, the fact that I work with my hands in the back of a warehouse, The fact that my nail beds are a little oily..

The lady who hosted the party proceeded to tell me *I* didn't know how to prep my nails. WRONG ANSWER, LADY. You basically just insulted me...
Anywho, These are them.
I like them. The application sucks and is tricky, and they don't last but a few days on me, but I would purchase these because now I know a little better how to apply them. :) I will order from a friend though... not the crazy lady

Zoya Willa and Trixie and accented with Jamberry Rhapsody

If you want to order click the links I have provided. They go to my friends page, she's not a pushy saleswoman. She'll talk to you about them but won't tell you you're wrong, won't push you into selling, anything like that. She's pretty awesome.

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