Thursday, September 29, 2011

oooo, an Ombre

well, a kinda Ombre...not a true one. But it's holo, so that makes up for it...
OPI DS Coronation, Glitter Gals Fuchsia, OPI DS Signature, Glitter Gals Dark Purple
K, I LOVE this!!!


  1. Ahhhh holos - this is a great way to do it if you can't choose which colour to go with!! I really love the look of that purple holo... lushious!!

  2. Thanks ladies!!!

    That purple is Glitter Gals. I NEED more Glitter Gals.

    oooooooooh, Sarah Claaaaaaaire...
    Maybe after the first of the year...I know you have a no buy going on, and then the holidays are coming up, so...just whenever. ;)

  3. pretty sure you can never go wrong with holos :D great ombre!