Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February Crave Box

In December, I signed up for another sample service called Crave Box.
It is $10 a month, and everyone gets the same thing. none of this filling out a beauty survey and hope you answer correctly to get cool stuff. This is random stuff, treats, stuff for your home, beauty...It's very neat! I have really liked every one I have gotten.

My first one came in December. I was pleased with it. It had Swiss chocolate in it (so that was a winner in and of itself.), lotion, pens, more chocolate, and a Nic's Sticks in hot pink!

January I got a bottle of EVOO. (strange, I know, but hey, it came in handy when I ran out), Emergen-C vitamin drink mix (a full box, again, came in handy I always drink it when I feel a cold coming on.), facial toning gel, an issue of Prevention Magazine, and a pedometer.

This month I started taking pictures because I am pretty sure I am going to keep this service.
List and pictures of items. Six, count them SIX permanent markers, Downy wrinkle releaser, 2 granola bars, vitamin boost energy drink mix, facial moisturizer, and a cleansing foam.

Here is the box as it came.

The Moisture Bound Skin Energy Hydration Delivery System is sooo great. It smells divine, and feels wonderful on my face! I haven't tried the cleanser yet. I'm a little skiddish about trying new cleansers.

Ahhh, wrinkle releaser! How'd they know? It is Light Fresh Scent. It reminds me of those air freshners that are fresh linen or clean cotton. it's nice.

I've been saving these, I think one shall get eaten tonight. It says "Think Thin" but they are pretty high in calories. One is 190, and the other is 230.

I love this service. it's not only make up, but things you can really use. I'm impressed so far, CraveBox, keep it up!!!

Give them a try! CraveBox or look them up on facebook!!!


  1. I felt the same way about the thinkThin bars -- they really aren't that great of a snack, calorie or carbohydrates-wise!

  2. found your review over at http://www.subscriptionboxes.com/cravebox/ ! thanks for posting it! ive been wondering it is was a good deal or but its certainly looks fun :)