Thursday, March 22, 2012

YAY!!! Pure Ice!

This is a pic heavy post. Lots to do!

I have some Pure Ice to show you. I got a package from Pure Ice! Pure Ice is manufactured by Bari Cosmetics. Enough of the business stuffs, on to the real reason you're here!!! PICS!

First off, I have Not Now. This is under lamp light. It is NOT color correct, but it gave off a magnificent metallic sheen which is visible under normal lights. Very cool color!

This is more color accurate. It is a lovely shade of emerald green. I've only recently gotten into green so I don't have one quite like it. The formula was great, I applied 2 thin coats, it could possibly be a one coater but I'd rather do 2 thin coats than 1 thick.

This picture is my favorite

The same day, I got Fantasy Fire from a friend. Everyone layers it over blue/purple/black. Being the rebel I am, I put it over Not Now. Turns out, it is perfect underwear. It made it flash green, which is just amazing.  (excuse the ding, I was having issues...)

So after the dingage, I had to do something else. It so happened I also received a Pure Ice Crackle called Lightning Strikes. This is HANDS DOWN the best crackle I have ever used. It would be a lot of trial and error with OPI and ChG. This one needed no coaxing and no special tricks. Just 1 coat, and it cracked. I wish I could find it around here.

Awesome polish, and I think awesome mani...what do you think?

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