Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I've needed new glasses for a while. The last pair I had were about 5 years old. So, I bit the bullet and just did it. I was not looking forward to spending $300 for 1 pair of glasses.

Well, one of my friends turned me on to Cheap glasses. Awesome website. I was very skeptical about buying glasses online I want to see what they look like on me BEFORE I buy them. This website allows you to upload pictures of yourself so you can see what they look like on you.

Best part, your first pair is "free". I only say that in quotes because I upgraded my lenses, and got all the protective coatings. Still, I paid $38 for glasses that would have cost me $3-$400 at the optometrist. But I was perusing their clearance section and made another purchase. Again, $65 for glasses that would have cost me $3-$400. 2 pair of glasses for $103!!!

I will definitely be coming to this site more often just when I want to spice up my glasses.

They are having a fan of the week thing on their Facebook page to win $25 you post a pic with you and your box showing off your new glasses. Here is the pic I am posting.

Oh, and because I wanted to... I did my nails to match. :D

This is KleanColor Midnight Queen stamped with DRK-A and special white (I know, I screwed up the stamp.) :(

So check them out. and if you use my link, I get referral credit!!!