Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Makeup Sponging tutorial

I found a new way to sponge. I love it, I am going to do more of it.

The video tutorial  is here, and I am going to embed it so you can watch it from my blog.

Here is the finished mani...


  1. ha ha, you're such a goofball! LOL I LOVE this and am totally going to do this tonight! Thank you!

  2. heh, you're welcome!

    Totally easy, though, right?!?

    I did another sponging tutorial but this one is SOOOO much easier and better.

    Thanks for reading!!!

  3. Mine never looks good but this seems so easy! Does having wetted you sponge beforehand help?

  4. absolutely, it makes the polish more......pliable?

    I'll stick with pliable!!!