Sunday, January 15, 2012!!!

This post is picture heavy. I got my Zoya order yesterday. I have been HEAVY into reds, and vampy colors lately, so with the promo Zoya had, I bought all vampy colors. I went for the pulse collection. I love them all. This one, (Blair) has to be my absolute favorite from the bunch. you know, there is something about a new zoya that makes me 10 different kinds of happy. So rich, so beautiful, applies so smoothly...I... I'm not sure...but I think...I'm in love with this polish.

I know she is dirty in these first couple of pictures, I seriously, could not wait to photograph her...besides, she likes being a dirty girl!!!
 It is one of those incredibly gorgeous, lit from within polishes that is ELECTRIC under a flash.
 I have NO IDEA what happened with my camera here, but I LOVE how the picture turned out so I am keeping it.
 Just because I am all nail arty and stuff...I had to stamp it with Dovima which has become my newest favorite stamping polish. it's not REAL black, but just gives a greyish hue...


  1. Blair was my first Zoya polish, and I have to agree she is all kinds of amazing!

  2. Oh wow, that is GORGEOUS! Blair is going on my Zoya wishlist now. And I really really love the stamp job with Dovima. Oh man, I have got to get myself a stamping kit!!! Thank you for the pictures...and the enabling. :D

  3. This is a gorgeous color!!! But how does this compared to OPI Im not really a waitress?