Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Oooooh!!! A review?!? Yes, please!

I was lucky enough to be at the right place at the right time when I came across Once Upon a Polish on facebook. As you can probably guess, all of her polishes are fairy tale themed. Late one night while I was messing about on facebook, she asked for bloggers to review her collection! I emailed her as quick as I could!!! She asked me which I would like to try. I told her to suprise me, I'm not picky! and BOY did she!

First off, lookit how stinkin' cute!

 This is what I recieved!

 Chimney Sweep, Ariel, and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
 Ariel is a clear polish with teeny tiny almost pigment sized red, green and what looks like turquoise glitter. This WAS smooth by it's self but of course, i have to put seche over everything.
Pictured above, it is 3 coats by itself, 1 coat over Sooki, 1 coat over Au Champagne, and 1 coat over black. I think my favorite of the bunch is over Au Champagne.
 Chimney Sweep is very cool. Kinda like the coveted Connect The Dots. White and Black bar, and medium silver hexagon. It was almost smooth on it's own, of course 1 thin coat of seche smoothed it riiiiiiiiiiiight out. Pictured above over all China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise, Frostbite, Cha Cha Cha, and Spontaneous. it was awesome over Turned Up Turquoise. it was my favorite.
Aaaaaaah, last but certainly not least, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. This one was my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE of the 3. Again, it was relatively smooth on it's own, but one coat of Seche and it was glass. This is jam PACKED full of glitter. I mean SO full that the above picture is a THIN coat! It is medium white hex and small silver holo hex and lots and LOTS of tiny black hex and tiny black irregular shaped...I can see this being used A LOT! If she were to add irregular white like the black, it would be overload for me, and too awesome...so it's a good thing she didn't. ;)

Out of the ones she sent me, Snow White was my favorite. like all chunky glitters, I had to load the brush, but that was to be expected. For being a chunky glitter, it settled out wonderfully, and dried rather quickly even without the Seche.

ok, all the good stuff!
You can find Kimberlys shop Once Upon A Polish, here. Her fullsized polishes range from $8.50 to the Spectraflair ones being $10 She also sells jewelry done with her polishes. Check her out!!!

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