Sunday, June 3, 2012

Stampy Sunday 6/3 edition!

WOW, it is June already! this year is flying faster than any others. Lets get down to the mani!!!

First off, I'm going to tell you, the pics are cellphone pics because neons do not photograph well using a regular camera and I am not good at messing with all the setting to get it right, and I don't like to edit pictures to change the color. now with THAT in mind...

The theme this week was a plate ending in 9. This is a sponged gradient of neons using the same technique I used here (Make up Sponge tutorial) using Color Club Get your Lem-on, & The Lime Starts Here, and Billie Electric Coral, Electric Fuschia, Electric Purple, & Blue.

 Now that first picture was taken under a "natural light" bulb, and it is not color accurate. But I LOVE how it dried semi matte. it was not full dull, just semi with a little bit of texture. I wore it like that for a full day before I stamped it.
 Here it is stamped with the new Mash 49 and ChG Frostbite. 
Thanks for reading!!!

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