Sunday, October 23, 2011

another Halloween Swap!

This one from the lovely Mandy over at She is 97 different kinds of awesome. Lets take a look at what was included...

why yes, that is a Mandy Franken...Thanks for noticing!
WOW!!! this is beautiful! its a dark, vampy, lovely maroon with red and silver glitter...just beautiful.
These are the Coach polishes. I'd never seen coach polishes before. These are nice.
 the brown and the light pink are 3 coats, the other 2 are only 2.

These are the pigments. my FIRST pigments!!! 
(Ignore the wild brows. I am fully aware I need a waxing!)
Wonder Woman lipgloss!!!
I loved Wonder Woman as a kid. I was always lassoing my brother with my Lasso of Truth! 
I am falling more and more in love with MAC lipgloss!!!
This one is Athena's Kiss

So that was it, that was my awesome Halloween swap with Mandy!!!

 Oh, bonus pic...So I have been becoming increasingly bored with my hair, I needed a change. I am not one to CUT my hair, I usually change it in any other way. I have not colored my hair since 09 when I dyed it pink. I'll do it pink again soon, possibly in spring. Anyway, this is a before/after.

Whaddya think? yay/nay?


  1. Love it all, I love your hair the red color!!

  2. Definite yay! The new color makes it look very healthy... not that it didn't before... but I'm sure you know what I mean ;p