Monday, October 10, 2011

Awesome Swap from Barcelona!

Ok, this is going to be pic HEAVY!!! These polishes are from the WONDERFUL Ruth from Barcelona! I told her to suprise me...and oh boy did she ever. The polishes are going to get worn, ALOT! enough talk onto the pictures!!!
So this first one is Flormar U33. This is all kinds of sparkly duochromey goondess. This is 2 coats. It went on sooooooo easily, I wonder if there are more like this, I am going to have to look for swatches of others.
 This is Essence Mystic Mermaid over Flormar U33. It has pink and teal sparkleys. i think this will get a lot of use. :)
Ok, This Flormar U15. It is extremely sheer, so it needs to be layered, doesn't make it any less spectacular. Here it is layered over U33. Ruth picked some awesome polishes!!! 
 And here it is layered over Black, Hard Candy Pretty in Pink, Color Club Yum Gum, Funky Finger Volcanic, ChG Light As Air, CC Pucci-licious, ChG Spontaneous, and just for giggles, ChG Turned up Turquoise
Essence Ballerina Backstage Grand Plie in Black...yes, it REALLY is that shiny. This is NO TOPCOAT...unbelievable.
 And lastly Essence Purple Diamond. Incredible foily goodness! It has a kind of satin finish when dry, not ultra gloss, but not matte.
So what do you think, how did Ruth do with the suprises?!?

I think she did AWESOME!!!

Thank you SOOOO much for the incredible swap, Ruth!!!


  1. WOW those are some awesome beauties you have there! I love the Flormar!!!!

  2. Sooo nice!!! I can't wait to try the ones she sent me! I have tried 1 so far and it's going to be blogged soon!

  3. OMG Jen!! I don't know where to start... First of all the U33 looks absolutely stunning on you! And yes, it comes in several colors (8 or 9 I believe). But the swatches are not easy to find and for some you won't even find any. I can help you with numbers and pics, just let me know ;-) The Essence are also gorgeous, I didn't know that the Ballerina Backstage one was so shiny, it's unbelievable! And thanks for posting the wheel, it's an amzing polish for layering, I think I need it too now!!! I'm so glad you like them all, enjoy!! xx

  4. Looks like a very awesome swap!!