Sunday, October 9, 2011


I LOVE Nightmare Before Christmas. Someone in one of my polish groups got some, and I needed it.

Now, that being said, the polish has a wierd texture, but it covered in 1 coat (although in some pics, the flash makes it not look like it) And it really is either a 1 coat polish, or 2 very, VERY careful coats, as you will see on the green. Either way, I liked these polishes, and odds are, I will probably use them again. BTW, this is no TC...and they dried VERY quickly. They are very plasticky...clean up was a complete pain, I am not looking forward to taking this off, acetone didn't seem to even phase it so please excuse the light mess. Removal of these wasn't horrible, it didn't require a foil soak, but it definitely needed a tiny bit of scrubbing.

Oh, and just because, here is a picture of the other stuff I bought, I can't WAIT to use the Jack Skellington and Sally stickers!!!


  1. I totally love the stickers!!! I cannot wait to see these on! I am a Nightmare Before Christmas fan too.

    <3 Shannon

  2. I bought them this weekend too!! It annoys me that the bottles are wobbly though and hard to make them stand up on their own! Who makes a polish bottle like that?!?!?

    But I love them cause of Nightmare b4 xmas! <3

  3. where are they from?

  4. I should have put that, I apologize. They are from Claires!

  5. When I found out the bottles had rounded bottoms I returned them.