Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Another incredible International Swap!!!

This one from Gejba Parokeets, over at Parokeets She is incredible. I love her swatching, and her pictures are AWESOME! She gave me a mention last week when she recieved my swap package...I was so excited! It was like a celebrity KNEW MY NAME!!! So, on to the pictures!!!
First off, let me say, I LOVE Catrice polish! It is AMAZING in 1 coat!
Ok, on to the list!!!

Top Row: Essence Color & Go Princess Prunella, Time For Romance, and Blue Addicted (a DEAD ON DL Across the Universe dupe.)
Second Row: Essence Just Can't Get Enough, Waking Up In Vegas, and Feels So Good, Catrice Sold Out Forever (a BEAUTIFUL mint green with blue sparkles that DO NOT SHOW UP IN PICTURES), and Poison Me, Poison You.
Third Row: Ruby Kisses Crazy Night Out, Catrice I'm A Star..., Blues Brothers Vol. 2, I Sea You!, Back to Black, I Wear My Sunglasses At Night, and After Eight.
and LOTS of slovenian candy!!!YUM!!!!
Lets get some swatches:
First off, one is Across the Universe, one is Blue Addicted...I think I will keep it a secret which is which. ;)
(ok, DL is first then Essence)
Alright, this is 1 coat...ONE COAT!!! Thumb to pinky:
Back to Black, After Eight, Blues Bro v 2, I'm A Star..., and I Wear My Sunglasses At Night
It's hard to see, but Sunglasses is a little like Fantasy Makers Black Magic with the fuschia and teal sparkles, I'll have to do a comparison...
The all of these are 1 coat except where noted, again thumb to pinky:
I Sea You!, Sold Out Forever (2 coats), Poison Me, Poison You (I LOVE this color), Princess Prunella (2 coats), and Time For Romance (over black)
 OOOOOOOOOOH, and the Essence topcoats!!! Pinky Feels So Good (rose shimmer) over I Wear My Sunglasses At Night, Ring: Just Can't Get Enough (scattered holo) over I'm A Star..., and middle, Waking Up In Vegas (FLAKIE!!!) over Blues Bros v2

This is Time For Romance and Crazy Night Out alone, over The One That Got Away, then over black.

I had to pull this out...it's just so pretty!

Thank you SOOOOOOO MUCH, Gejba! this was an AWESOME swap!!!


  1. Pile really looks awesome and I LOVE your combos. Have to try out Just Can't Get Enough + I'm A Star. :D

    P.S. You made me blush. :)))