Saturday, November 5, 2011

Braided Matte

Last night, I was having a hard time getting inspired. So was Jeanie @ Midnight Manicures. She asked for suggestions. Again, the lovely Amanda showed us THIS Braided/Fishtail Nail Tutorial. I wanted to try it.

This is Zoya Dovima, Veruschka, and Savita.
OK, so the first nail did not turn out like I expected...This was using the polish brushes...
I had to rethink my execution.

AHH, THATS more like it!!! These were done with a brush a little thicker than a striping brush.
I see a christmas mani like this in my future!

and the finished product. one with Seche on top, and the crap nail.
This was relatively easy once I used the right tools!!!