Saturday, November 26, 2011

Classic: Essence Twins Edward

I got these polishes on the same day. I couldn't decide what to wear, sooooooI layered. ;)

This is Catrice Forget-Me-Not covered with Edward.

 This is Catrice Dirty Berry covered with Edward. :)

Oh, and this is dirty berry alone!!!

you see the ever so slight holo on this? it's so beautiful!!!


  1. wow Dirty Berry is so pretty! they all are you have Bella that goes with Edward >.< lol

  2. nah, I didn't get Bella. it just seemed like a million other teals that are out there, I just wanted all the Essence Twin Glitters. ;) I will have to swatch them all sometime!

  3. Wow, Dirty Berry is gorgeous *drools*