Saturday, November 12, 2011


I know I haven't been all that active the last week, but I went out of town. I am back now, and have many, many pics that will hopefully make up for the lack of posting. :)

Ok, so first off, remember back at the beginning of the year when Zoya Kelly was on back order and everyone was clamoring for it? well, you know they have it at Ulta now, right? Along with several other popular Zoya colors.

(Please excuse the craptastic cellphone picture)
They had Kelly, Caitlyn, Marley, Dove, Avril, Mia, Trixie, Edyta, Julieanne, Sarah, Yasmeen, and Stacy

so anyway I did a ombre mani with Dovima, Kelly, Caitlyn, Dove, and OPI Alpine Snow

i should use a real black. although Dovima is sooooooooooooooooooooo pretty.

ok, so I painted my right hand with just Kelly, but I found this neat polish LA Girl Rockstar CrowdSurfing. it's a light green flakie. It's pretty sheer, therefore pretty awesome. :)
 Oh, and I accented with China Glazes Marry A Millionaire.

This is a macro of Crowd Surfing over Kelly. It's tiny green shimmery glitter with tiny red/orange flakies.

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