Thursday, November 3, 2011

La Colors AND Beyond the Mistletoe!

Yesterday I went to Ross because I was told Beyond the Mistletoe was there. I happened to walk in just as the lady was putting them on the shelf. There were only 2 packs. So I got one, and I bought one for my niece. I also saw some LA Colors Metallics. they were only $6. I figured, meh, why not.

The green and purple are pretty cool, too. The rest, I am rather Meh about, but that Blue, and the green and the purple were worth it!
So I covered with Beyond the Mistletoe...Pinky to thumb:
Candy Cane, Sugar Plum Fairy (Sand and Stilletos), Holiday Splendor (Untamed Luxury), Gingerbread (Gold Coast), and Beyond the Mistletoe (baby baby baby).
The Metallic Blue under Jingle Jangle. This looks like there are millions of diamonds on my nails. I love this combo!!!

Let's look at them alone now, shall we?!?

  1. Gingerbread
  2. Holiday Splendor
  3. Jingle Jangle
  4. Candy Cane
  5. Beyond The Mistletoe
  6. Sugar Plum Fairy
Look familiar, huh? I thought so, too. Take a look at this: 
  1. CC Gingerbread
  2. FF Golden Coast
  3. CC Holiday Splendor
  4. CC Untamed Luxury
  5. CC Beyond The Mistletoe
  6. FF Baby Baby Baby
  7. CC Sugar Plum Fairy
  8. FF Sand and Stilettos
and just for giggles
9.  Icicle Lights

Sorry for the long post I was excited!!!

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  1. I guess it depends on your definition of dupe. I would call them dupes because to be they don't have to be perfectly the same...they should look the same without inspection. The being said, I feel like Gingerbread has a bit more red, BBB has a bit more blue intensity to it, and Beyond the Mistletoe is supposed to have a slight lavender to it but that's hard for me to see. I almost wish you hadn't said anything cause now I'm like...crap lol....